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July 20, 2024   

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DivX Movies

Download DivX Movies

Where can I download free DivX movies?

While there are numerous ways to download free videos online the quickest and easiest way to download videos is by using file-sharing technology. It is created for the sole purpose of making it easy to download files. You can also find some web sites such as the Moving Image Archive that provide free movie downloads.

Why are people downloading movies?

Most likely because it's a fast and easy way to get movies. Just start a new download and within a couple of hours you will have a movie download ready to view without leaving the comfort of your home. The only thing that's required to get started downloading movies is a computer and an Internet connection, then you're all set.

What has made movie downloading so popular?

There are numerous factors that have helped to make downloadable movies popular the last few years. The most important factor is the creation of more powerful video and audio compression formats that allow movies to be compressed and transferred much faster than previously. Also, the growing availability of fast Internet connections in homes have enabled people to download movies in shorter times than before. The availability of free movies has also received quite a lot of coverage in the press lately.

What is needed to play movie downloads?

The only thing that's needed to view downloads is a media player of your choice and the necessary video and audio codecs installed on your system. In order to play DivX videos you first need to install the DivX codec. To play XviD videos you need to install the XviD codec. It's also possible that you need to install the AC3 codec in order to get surround sound.

What can I do if I'm having problems playing downloads?

To resolve common playback problems with downloads, please check out our DivX FAQ and XviD FAQ.

What affects the quality of downloads?

One of the main factors that determine the image quality of movie downloads is where the movie came from. If the movie originates from a good source then there are pretty much two factors that affect the quality of the movie, the size and the video codec used. To get the best possible quality when you download movies, make sure that the movies use a video codec such as DivX® or XviD and that they originate from a good source.

What size is a typical movie download?

The file size of movie downloads vary a lot based on the runtime of the movie and the bitrate used when encoding it. You should expect a typical DivX or XviD movie to be around 600MB-700MB in size. If a movie is longer than 2 hours it might need even more space to ensure that the quality is acceptable.

How long does it take to download a movie?

It will always help to have a fast Internet connection, but your download speed will also be limited by the Internet connection of the source you're downloading the movie from. The table below should give you an idea of how long it would take to download a 700MB file (typical movie download) using your Internet connection if we assume there are no limitations on the transfer speed.

Connection speed
Transfer speed
7 KB/s
16 KB/s
32 KB/s
64 KB/s
128 KB/s
256 KB/s
1.25 MB/s
Transfer time
28 hours, 27 mins
12 hours, 27 mins
6 hours, 13 mins
3 hours, 7 mins
1 hours, 33 mins
47 mins
12 mins

1Mbps is equivalent to 1000Kbps.

Please note that the transfer times displayed above are calculated based on the maximum download speed of your Internet connection. When you download from a fast and reliable server you might be able to achieve similar times to these, but usually your movie downloads will most likely take a bit longer.

How do I play downloads in my DVD-player?

First of all, we suggest that you check the DVD Player Compatibility list to figure out if your DVD-player supports DivX® and/or XviD playback or not. If your DVD-player supports DivX® and/or XviD playback then you simply need to burn the movie to a CD/DVD and it should play right away. If your player doesn't support playback of DivX® or XviD you first have to convert the video to MPEG-2 and then record it as a DVD or SVCD, depending on what formats your player actually supports. You can find helpful information about video conversion/authoring at the VideoHelp web site.

How do I watch downloads on my TV?

If you've got a video card with TV-out support then you should be able to connect your PC directly to your television and view DivX and XviD videos on it. If the card doesn't support TV-out you can find one for about the same amount as a basic card. You might also have to get a video cable to connect your computer to your TV. Then you simply reconfigure your computer so it sends the video signal to your TV when you play DivX and XviD videos.

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