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DivX Movies

Mar 15, 2010 - DivX® Plus Software and DivX® Codec v8.0 Released

Technology For the past year, the DivX team has been working hard on the latest version of DivX codec. The whole DivX bundle has been redesigned from the ground up to include more features, a new interface, and a simpler method for transferring DivX movies and videos to DivX® Certified devices. The DivX® Plus Software bundle includes the official DivX Player, DivX Converter, DivX Web Player, as well as the DivX Codec Pack needed to watch DivX movies and videos in other media players. The DivX codec pack will also allow you to use Windows 7 to stream your DivX and MKV files to devices like the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Now go and download the free DivX codec and player.

DivX codec | Source: DivX, Inc.

Oct 2, 2006 - DivX® Codec and DivX® Player v6.4 Released

Technology DivX, Inc. has just released a new version of their DivX® codec and player, which offers various improvements to existing encoding modes and adds a new fast multipass encoding mode. The new version also includes a 1080p/i HD encoding mode allowing users to create full size 1920×1080 resolution HD videos in the DivX® format. The resize filters have been enhanced to improve the overall quality/compression of the encoder. There's also a new option for noise reduction that automatically detects and adjusts the noise reduction level as necessary. As usual you can download the free version of the DivX codec directly from our web site.

DivX codec | Source: DivX, Inc.

Jan 6, 2006 - Google Partners with DivX® for Video Download Service

News DivX Inc. and Google Inc. today announced that the companies will work together to make Google Video accessible on consumer electronics devices, enabling consumers to take their video and movie downloads with them anywhere they go. "Our goal with Google Video is to make the world's video content accessible to people, and working with DivX® is a very important step toward extending that service beyond the PC to consumer electronics devices," said Susan Wojcicki, vice president of product management at Google Inc. "We want to reach a point when consumers can easily access the content that is important to them from Google whenever they want, and enjoy that content on a variety of devices."

Read more | Source: DivX, Inc.

Sep 2, 2005 - DivX® Ultra Certification Program Launched

News DivX, Inc. today announced the launch of their DivX® Ultra Certification program, which aims to bring consumers a fully interactive, cutting edge digital media experience by enabling next generation consumer electronics devices to support the advanced features of the DivX® Media Format. Key elements of the DivX® Media Format include interactive video menus, chapter points, multiple subtitles and alternate audio tracks. The first devices with the DivX® Ultra Certified logo are expected to be in stores later this year.

Read more | Source: DivX, Inc.

Jun 15, 2005 - DivX® Codec and DivX® Player v6.0 Released

Technology DivX, Inc. just announced DivX® 6, the latest version of the company's digital video technology. It's available in two bundles, the DivX® Create Bundle which includes everything users need to play and create high-quality movies, and the DivX® Play Bundle which offers all the tools necessary for playback, including new high-definition (HD) enhancements. In addition to offering significant improvements in visual quality, compression and speed, the release introduces the new DivX® Media Format (.divx), which enables users to create movies with advanced interactive features such as menus, chapters, subtitles, alternate audio tracks, and more. Both codec bundles are available as free downloads.

DivX codec | Source: DivX, Inc.

Mar 10, 2005 - DivX® 6 Garners Support from Leading Technology Companies

News DivXNetworks today announced that a wide range of partners from the consumer electronics and software industries plan to support DivX® 6 in their products. "We are extremely gratified to see such early, widespread support for DivX® 6 from a variety of companies across the technology industry," said Jordan Greenhall, co-founder and CEO of DivXNetworks. "We are focused on working with our partners to create an easy-to-use and compelling video experience for consumers by helping to bring to market a complete ecosystem of products that lets anyone create and enjoy high-quality, interactive video files on any device or platform."

Read more | Source: DivXNetworks

Oct 26, 2004 - Hollywood Movie Studios to Offer Movie Downloads

News DivXNetworks says it's currently close to a deal that could see two major movie studios announce support for its technology by the end of the year. The DivX® format, which so far has been more commonly associated with the distribution of free movies online, would be used in planned Internet video-on-demand (VOD) services allowing consumers to download movies directly from the Internet instead of going through video stores or cable/television networks. According to DivX President Shahi Ghaman, they also expect to release a new version of their DivX® software by the end of the year. The upgrade will offer 33% better compression than H.264, the latest video compression technology approved for use in the MPEG-4 standard.

Read more | Source: CNET News

Jul 31, 2004 - DivX® in 20 Million Consumer Electronics Devices

News DivXNetworks has been working closely with consumer electronics manufacturers for quite some time to add support for DivX® playback in more DVD players and other equipment that is sold in retail. So far they've sold about 2 million such devices, but reckon they'll sell another 18 million by the end of this year. The company started out selling their codec to create and play DivX movie downloads, then interested a few smaller consumer electronics firms and integrated circuit manufacturers, and now virtually all the major consumer electronics companies are coming out with products that support the DivX® format. The list of companies includes Philips, Panasonic, Pioneer, Toshiba, Thomson and JVC.

Read more | Source: The Register

Jul 15, 2004 - DivX® Codec and DivX® Player v5.2 Released

Technology DivXNetworks has just released a new version of their popular DivX® software, which adds support for three new languages (German, French, and Japanese). A new "Fast" mode has been added to the encoder which virtually matches the quality and compression of the "Standard" mode, but offers better performance. This mode makes it possible to capture live video and encode it in real-time directly to disk without huge file sizes. Other improvements include improved generic MPEG-4 support, a new bitrate calculator, as well as various bug fixes and optimizations. We offer free downloads of all the codecs.

DivX codec | Source: DivXNetworks

Feb 17, 2004 - Plextor to Release First DivX® Hardware Video Encoder

News DivXNetworks and Plextor today announced the world's first official DivX® Certified hardware encoding and editing device, the ConvertX Digital Video Converter. The device allows users to convert video from a wide variety of sources to high-quality DivX movies in real-time using a PC. "We're excited to partner with Plextor to bring the first DivX® Certified hardware encoding device to market. Our users can now easily achieve real-time DivX® encoding without maxing out their processor or shutting down every other application running on their PC", said Bill Holmes of DivXNetworks.

Read more | Source: Plextor

Sep 2, 2003 - DivX® Codec and DivX® Player v5.1 Released

Technology DivXNetworks is back with another release of their popular DivX® codec and DivX® player. This version includes lots of features to enhance the visual quality of the video, such as improved rate control, improved b-frames, improved performance of Nth Pass strategy planning and a new high-quality psychovisual mode. The decoder now supports automatic post-processing and has been optimized to achieve up to 30% playback speed improvement on all systems. The decoder also now includes its own AVI parser, which should make it possible to watch incomplete DivX movie downloads without having to patch or fix them.

DivX codec | Source: DivXNetworks

May 14, 2003 - New Movies Targetted as Consumers Download Movies

News The Matrix Reloaded still hasn't premiered in theaters, but the movie is already available for people to download online. The movie was first seen online this morning and another version of the movie download surfaced later in the day. This is not the first time that movies have become available as free movie downloads before they have been released in theaters. Last year we saw this happen to new movies such as Star Wars and Spider-Man. The pre-release of free movies online has become a growing concern for Hollywood studios, even if to date the trend has shown little indication that free movie downloads are undermining box office revenues.

Read more | Source: CNET News

Apr 24, 2003 - DivX® Codec and DivX® Player v5.0.5 Released

Technology Once again it's time for a new version of the DivX® codec and DivX® player. The focus of this release appears to have been on fixing bugs and making the codec more stable rather then adding new features. A lot of CLI problems have been resolved as well as a lot of minor encoding related bugs. The most notable improvement has been made to the rate control, which should be a lot faster and produce more consistent results. This version should hopefully fix most of the encoding related problems that people have experienced. You can download the free version of the DivX codec directly from our web site.

DivX codec | Source: DivXNetworks

Jan 24, 2003 - DivX® Codec and DivX® Player v5.0.3 Released

Technology After months of waiting there's finally a new version of the DivX® codec available for download. The focus of DivXNetworks work during the past few months appears to have been on making sure that the format is ready to be implemented in consumer electronics devices. These efforts will hopefully result in a wide range of DivX® Certified hardware devices able to play DivX movie downloads being released this year. The new version of the codec contains the usual bug fixes as well as new features to further improve the video quality. The post-processing algorithm has also been further improved to make playback of movies look even better. Now go download the codec!

DivX codec | Source: DivXNetworks

Dec 5, 2002 - InterVideo to Support DivX® Video in Software Products

News InterVideo today announced that they've licensed the DivX® and DivX® Pro video compression technology from DivXNetworks for use in their digital video and audio software products. WinDVD Platinum, the most recent version of their best-selling DVD player software, is the first InterVideo product to feature DivX® technology. InterVideo also said they plan to integrate DivX® encoding technology into future versions of other products.

Read more | Source: InterVideo

Oct 22, 2002 - KiSS DVD-Player First to Offer Playback of DivX Movies

News DivXNetworks and and KiSS Technology, a leading Scandinavian manufacturer of DVD players throughout the world, today announced the KiSS DP-450 DVD player. The player is the world's first DVD player to support playback of DivX movie downloads, and is scheduled for release later this year. Additionally, the companies are working closely together to develop products that also will be backwards compatible with earlier versions of DivX® video.

Read more | Source: KiSS Technology

May 27, 2002 - Star Wars and Spider-Man Movie Downloads Hit the Net

News While movie downloads usually appear online quite fast, recently people have been able to download movies online even before the movies have been released in movie theaters. Recent examples of this include the new Star Wars movie along with the Spider-Man movie. Copies of the Spider-Man movie were available a day before its theatrical release and similarly copies of the new Star Wars movie were circulating online more than a week before its theatrical release. According to the MPAA, new movies are typically available online as free movie downloads within 24 hours of their debut in theaters. As more and more consumers get access to high-speed Internet connections downloading free movies will become easier and provide for higher quality movie downloads.

Read more | Source: CNET News

Mar 21, 2002 - xXx Movie Trailer Available as Free Download

News Sony Pictures just released the movie trailer for their new movie xXx as a free download at DivX.com, and it's the first time that a major Hollywood movie studio has released a movie download in the DivX® format. This clearly shows that even the movie studios are impressed the high quality of the format, but whether this means that the movie studios have plans to release new movies as movie downloads remains to be seen. However, DivXNetworks continuing work with the movie studios seems to be paying off, so we can only hope that it won't take long until we'll be able to download movies legally directly from the net.

Download trailer | Source: Sony

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